“Lenovo Making Further Plans For Expansion Of Business” – By Starting A Sale Of Smartphones In US

The Lenovo group of Hong Kong, China is planning to start a sale of smartphone within one year in US. It has been said by the chief executive who has made an attempt to repeat the success of the business of personal computers. Lenovo is struggling hard with its shrinking demands and is aggressively pushing itself into the smartphone market. Lenovo has been in there traditionally in the PC industry. Trends are changing now-a-days and consumers are more into the purchase of smartphones.

Corporate clients are being pushed up in order to hold off the purchases for office PC. This is because of the weak economy. Lenovo is looking forward for a long term growth and for new energetic growth in the market. The company has been outperforming in the industry and shown an improvement in the profit margin in the PC industry. Lenovo has come up with a solid growth in sales but there are further long term plans by the company. In an interview, the chief executive of Lenovo, Yang Yuanqing said that Smartphones are a new opportunity for the company.

The chief executive said that the core PC business of Lenovo is strong and as a public there ought to be some consideration to the ways of growing the business. Lenovo is a late comer in the smartphones and there are many who are there for a prolonged period of time. In spite of this Lenovo is ranking as the second largest vendor of smartphone market in China. It is close to Samsung Electronics Co, the leader in the smartphone market. Lenovo had a share of 4.1% in 2011 in the smartphone market but has now shown a hike of 11% in 2012.

These impressive figures and records reveal that Lenovo is good going in the smartphone market. IDC, a research firm said that Samsung has a research share of about 17.4% in the market. Lenovo has expanded its business outside China since last year. The next focus of the company is the emerging markets like India, Indonesia and Russia. After its success, Lenovo has plans to enter the markets of US and Europe.

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