Lenovo Hits A New Record For Q4 2012/13 With $34 Billion

Lenovo has announced it’s Q4 2012/13 (full year) results, and the company has hit two new records. According to the report, the company made $127 million on $7.8 billion in revenue for the quarter, and $34 billion for the whole year.

It’s gained $635 million (in profit) for the whole year. The only thing that dampened their spirits (slightly) were the laptop sales. That part has dropped by two percent (to $4.2 billion), but it’s not that bad when compared to other companies. China, with it’s seventy four percent revenue growth, has a big role in this. The desktop PCs on the other hand, are still at $2.4 billion. So it’s still the second best smartphone manufacturer in China, and the shipments still grow by 206% year-over-year.

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