Lego Star Wars Microfighters Enters in to iOS

You won’t have to be compelled to use the Force to play Lego Star Wars Microfighters, the new top-down shooter from TT Games – unless “the Force” is what you have nicknamed your iPod, iPhone or iPad. The iOS game relies on the Lego toy line of the same name, and permits you to pilot iconic spacecraft from the Star Wars universe.

Players will choose to strap in to variety of craft from the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War eras. For those megalomaniacal and evil enough, there is even a Death Star to be piloted. Ships will be flown through eighteen levels that take place on Endor, Hoth, Yevon and Geonosis.

The cost for entry into this brick-and-pegs-filled wonderland is not much and is pretty less. It takes  just $0.99 to put you into the pilot seat.

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