Lee Daniels Developing A “Love Affair Action Movie” Involving A Gay Couple

In an interview, director Lee Daniels says that he is currently developing a “love affair action movie” with an interracial gay couple. He didn’t reveal anything else about his current project. However, he did say that it can be thought of a “gay Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, and that the guys are good looking and are action heroes.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith was the 2005 movie, directed by Doug Liman. It is about a married couple who are surprised to realise that the two of them are assasins and are hired by competing groups to kill each other. Real life couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie starred in the film.

The twist in Daniel’s own movie is out as well. “We don’t find out that the two are gay until the very end of the movie:, he said.

When asked about the money he gets to make such a risky project, Daniels said that the trend of film making has changed considerably. He siad, “I don’t have a problem regarding the finances of the movoe. I have made a $100 dollar for the Butler. I am in a seperate class. This is something I feel happy about.”

He said he cast Alex Pettyfler as the fairer of the couple and he is yet to find the “perfect darker guy as his other half”.

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