LeBron James Sets His Target On The Defensive Player Of The Year Trophy

Though he is currently competing in a heated battle to claim his third straight NBA Most Valuable Player award, Miami Heat forward LeBron James is still not satisfied and has set target on the title The Defensive Player Of the Year.

Erik Spoelstra, coach of Miami heat stated that he uses James as what he call a “1-through-5,” meaning he sometimes has James guard all five positions at some point during the game. He pulled off the heat in Miami’s 116-112 win over the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday, screening every clipper from point guard Darren Collison to center DeAndre Jordan, According to ESPN. And according to James his outstanding performance will surely put him on the top of the competitors list for the award.

“That’s why I should be Defensive Player of the Year. No one has ever done this before,”Windhorst said. If James is so into the individual awards, then he should perhaps have an eye on the Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant from taking his MVP.

Josh Martin, betting sites have seen Durant on the 20 MVP favorite recently.
“That degree of favoritism may seem preposterous, given that Durant plays in a league with LEBRON FRICKIN’ JAMES, but considering where the race stands today, the fact that KD’s got such a substantial lead shouldn’t come as a complete shock.”

James has added almost all the major awards in his resume. Defensive Player Of The Year is one among the few which he has not won. He has won Rookie of the Year, MVP (four times), All-Star Game MVP (twice), Finals MVP (twice), Player of the Month (26 times) and Player of the Week (45 times).


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