LeBron James Says He Doesn’t Want To Go Back To Cold Winters In Retirement

One should not hate the messenger when he brings a bad news. Cleveland Cavaliers fans will be disappointed since LeBron James has more or less hinted that he will not be going back to his hometown anytime in the near future. He admitted during an interview that the cold winters are too harsh in his house and he prefers staying with everybody else.

LeBron James has an opt-out clause in his contract. He could use it at the end of the season. Suitors would present in large numbers.

NBA’S 2014 free-agency period is different.

The rumours are that James was considering a return to Cavaliers. He wanted to win over the fans in his hometown, who were pretty upset when he chose to go to Miami Heat.

Definitely, cold winters wouldn’t be the only reason. Infact, Miami is idyllic during winter. There is a good chance that he will stay in the coming few months.

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