Latest Names Rumored To Star In Star Wars: Episode 7

No official release date, cast or synopsis has been fixed for Star Wars yet. With a 2015 release date anticipated, people can’t stop speculating about “Star Wars: Episode 7”. The oldies have been dying to watch one more episode of Star Wars, and the franchise is trying to help them get closer to their dreams. It has captured a lot of people’s childhood imagination and some of them can’t differentiate a lightsabre from a Jedi. Disney is hoping to accumulate a few bucks by partnering with the film. A few names have been doing the talks recently.

Sullivan Stapleton has read an undermined part in the movie and has apparently talked about it to Lucasfilm and Disney. The first impression about the project is likely to be a tightly maintained secret for as long as possible. Lucas wants DDL to take up a major role in one of his indie movies.

Meanwhile, add to the speculation and build to the existing hype given to the movie.

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