King’s ‘Candy’ Trademark Again Gets In Trouble

Famous mobile game Cut the Rope’s developer ZeptoLab has challenged Candy Crush developer King’s trademark filing of the word ‘Candy.’ The game maker has begun the process of cancelling’s trademark registration of ‘Candy’ in the European Union.

“Candy is also an integral part of the Cut the Rope franchise,” said ZeptoLab CEO Misha Lyalin. “And we do not support’s trademarking and preventing others from using it.” has already received major criticism in and outside the games industry for the same. Dur to this King withdrew its US application for a trademark on the word “Candy”, but it was maintained in Europe.

The Candy Crush publisher is going to hold an IPO tomorrow. Analysts are suspicious of the stock, as they feel Candy Crush Saga is King’s major source of revenue and shows signs of imminent bubble burst.

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