Killer Instinct Dev’s Next Is An Action Shooter Game

Let’s unravel this compound of nucleic acids and LinkedIn resumes. First, concept creator James Paick showed off some sci-fi art from “Unannounced IP” coupled to Double Helix. Some Neo GAF snooping uncovered a LinkedIn page for Double Helix visual effects creator Allen Will. On it, there is an “Unannounced fps Project” for 360, PS3, and PC. A 2011 promotion to Senior VFX artist brings with it the addition of, “Unannounced Action Shooter” for “Next gen, PC,” together with the strider reboot. It’s possible that that first-person shooter was transitioned into future information action shooter. It is also possible that it’s vapour ware. A minimum of some thought artists got paid for some cool sci-fi works.

via Joystiq

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