Kickstarter Hacked, Users Advised to Change Passwords

Kickstarter has told its registered users of a security breach, and while the website has already taken steps to shut the loop and nothing too sensitive was obtained by the hackers, it’s best that you simply change your password immediately. Kickstarter was alerted to the hack by the Law Enforcement officials on Wednesday last week. With the information, the firm has already begun implementing more rigorous and strict security measures.

At the time of hack, the hackers gained access to email addresses, mailing addresses, encrypted passwords and phone numbers as well. Although the passwords were encrypted, Kickstarter is recommending users to still change their passwords, as encryption can also be bypassed. There was also a suggestion that you must also change in your password on any other site where you use identical log-in details for signing.

Kickstarter has not detected any dishonest activity on accounts as a result of the hack. The good news was that the credit card data wasn’t accessed.

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