Kick Starter Update On Temporary Cancellation Of The Shadow Of The Eternals

Recently, the crowd funding campaign of Shadow of the Eternals, the spiritual successor of Eternal darkness has been called for a halt by the precursor Games for its slow going response. He has also promised to resume the same in good times. It can be expected that the precursor games must be having any different planning in mind providing new exciting opportunities in the form of well organized plan.

In a Kick starter update of a Kick starter campaign, Precursor CEO, John Caporicci said that they expected more exciting results of this game from the positive and energetic support of their community people. On Thursday, June 6, the company decided to take the crowd funding campaign on a temporary basis from the Kick starter and their own company’s website. But they promised to re launch it within coming few weeks once again with the new exciting developments in the game.

The news has revealed that this campaign has achieved approximately 10% of the total estimated lofty goal of $1.35 million. The company earned absolutely nil revenue from the pledges of Kick starters and full money has been refunded to those who backed out from this campaign over precursor’s website.

Former Silicon Knights CEO, Denis Dyack, expressed that they are happy about this fact that though they were involved with precursors’ game but they were not linked in the main business role. But still, the new studio is thinking deeply on their recently linked relationship with the silicon knights. The reason is that the current news has forced them to think twice on their decision of establishing relationship with Silicon Knights.

John Caporicci initially was with this thought that the link up with Silicon Knights will be quite beneficial and helpful for them but now he has admitted the fact. If the crowd finding campaign would have failed due to lack of external funding then it would have been more easier for Caporicci to make public understand but he has left with no other explanations. As per the initial planning, it was decided that if the campaign stands successful then the episode series of this campaign would be also played in PC and Wii U.

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