Kevin Garnett Reflects On His Team’s Poor Start To The Season

You can always be sure that Kevin Garnett would say whatever he wants and not care about what would happen later.

After the 104-96 victory over the Boston Celtics, Garnett didn’t sugar-coat his words before saying it. He was questioned about the performance of his team through the first month of the season. One month would have felt like an entire year after their performance throughout the month.

The Nets accumulated 5-11 during the month. Their latest win over Celtics improved their score to 7-14 on the season.

It could have been worse. Despite their dismal record, the Nets are just two games out of the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference.

Injuries have completely depleted their resources. Brook Lopez, Deron Williams, Andrei Kirilenko and Jason Terry have missed more than 6 games. It is difficult to win a lot of games on the go with some of the main guys missing out. There is a lot time to turn things around. The current makeup of the team seems that a lot of things are going wrong with them.

In 19 games, Garnett averages just 6.7 points with a meager 37.1% shooting. Father Time would always remain undefeated.

Unfortunately for Garnett, he may have just become his latest victim. His age(37) and his dwindling health are not doing him any favours.

He has every right to be frustrated. His numbers have been falling across the board and his team isn’t living up to the high expectations which were encompassed during the offseason.

Two victories on the trot should do them some good at least. But, with the franchise with aspirations for the championships in 2014, they clearly lack the early success which is required.

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