Kevin Durant And Dwyane Wade Need To Call Off Their Feud

It’s not very pleasant news when two NBA players get involved in a feud in social media. Initially, it started off with something harmless. Ben Golliver and Rob Mahoney feature in the list of top 100 NBA players for the previous season.

Lebron James tops the list, Kevin Durant is ranked No.2 and Dwayne Wade is No.8.

At the end of the day, it is only a few writers who provide their opinion on the ranking of the players.

Durant said in an interview that Harden, his ex-team mate was setting off unnecessary controversy in the social media. Durant said, “Dwyane Wade is a wonderful player. I am not discrediting anything he has done. I am just voicing my opinion. Finals MVP and champion, I don’t disrespect him. I love you Wade. It is just a competition.”

The online spat between the two players has to end sometime because it was made in good humour, initially and is now turning into a serious feud.

For the fans, it is interesting to observe the lives of athletes closer via the social media, especially when two players fight through Social Media. But, none of this needs to happen.

Wade should not have taken Durant’s comment to heart and act like he was compared to Brian Scalabrine (no offence).

Despite the fact that Durant has still managed to have a healthy relationship with Harden, people read too much into both their comments.

Durant’s “show me, don’t tweet me” was uncalled far and it would have given him a good chance to practice what he preaches.

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