Keep Your Social Networking Life Active After Your Death

Through social media services like DeadSocial and LivesOn(on Twitter), you can actually keep your social networking life active after your death,  allowing people to communicate with their deceased loved ones. All you need is an account on Twitter or Deadsocial.

DeadSocial sends messages to your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account after your death. To allow you to say things you couldn’t say while you were alive, or perhaps to send out final messages. LivesOn, on the other hand, analyses your twitter feed, likes and dislikes, your online-social personality, and continues to post tweets. One has the option of making a close one the executor to his or her ‘LivesOn Will’.

dead social

Some people find this fascinating, to have the ability to reach out from the grave, in a way. To continue to be a part of your loved one’s (social media) life, and send them wishes on important events. Skeptics aren’t so sure. This way of communication has actually offended some people, and others don’t think anyone would be happy to get messages from someone who has already passed away, as it doesn’t exactly change reality. There is also a chance that those who are left behind might just become obsessed.

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