JustDelete.me : Remove Your Digital Footprint

Are you looking for something to get rid of your profile in the internet? Do you want to delete every single piece of your digital footprint? Then, JustDelete.me is the perfect website for you.

Erasing any content involving your name has never been this easy. It has always been difficult to delete yourself from the Internet. This website ensures that it can remove any content relating to your involvement, right from social media sites to retailer databases. This is one website that you simply don’t want to ignore and want to bookmark in your browser.

Created by Robb Lewis; a U.K. based developer, the website is simply a directory of URL’s which highlights links to the pages one

may to remove oneself from, instead of jumping from one hoop to another. The sites include Dropbox, Orkut, Linkedin, Foursquare and even Facebook.

Certain companies use a technique which is called ‘dark pattern’. This makes it difficult and laborious to delete online accounts. This method is supposed to drive users away from successfully completing the deletion process.

JustDelete.me ranks the strength of removal of the content for each website. It ranges from ‘easy’ to ‘impossible’. This is done to provide a fair idea to the users about the difficulty in getting rid of your footprint on any website. For example, sites like IMDB and Paypal are listed as ‘easy’, whereas Amazon.com and the NewYorkTimes.com are rated ‘hard’. Websites like Pinterest and Netflix have been rated ‘impossible’ to delete from.

One may wonder why the idea of creating such a website didn’t strike anyone before. This is a common complaint from almost all users, ranging from graduates to businessmen. When you have finally decided that you don’t want to be featured in the site’s URL, you can save yourself the trouble and visit JustDelete.me.

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