Just.me Messaging App About To Hit The Market

Just.me messaging app from Keith Teare, the co-owner of TechCrunch is about to hit the market today. The development of this application has been on- going for two years now and finally today it will reach the hands of the eager consumers who have signed up for the beta version. To complete the project Teare has raised $2.75 million from a number of ventures that include, Khosla Ventures, Google Ventures, True Ventures and many other names.

The basic concept of the app Just.me is to tie up the functionality of multiple apps such as messaging apps, social network apps, photo sharing apps, note taking apps, and emailing apps into a single application. With this application, users can message or send pictures to whomever they wish; only to themselves, recipients in the address book, or to a group of people in Facebook, Twitter or public feed of the app. The app takes input form the email contacts and phone address book of the user. Another amazing thing is that, this app supports messaging to the non- Just.me messaging app users. Once you receive a message from a friend through Just.me messaging app, you can simply download the app, which is essential to avail the full suit. Initially this app is available only for iOS and the company is already working on an Android version of the same.

The app does not target the younger generation like most of the other messaging applications. Just.me gives a thorough professional appearance to suit the older professional people, who need to control multiple app from their mobile, and are looking for a simple solution to perform the entire task from the same app that comes with simple user interface.

The Facebook Home, launched for the Android, comes with somewhat similar service, but at present they do not exactly compete for the same market as they work on different platforms. According to Teare, Facebook Home has made things easier for Just.me messaging app; Home has already given users an idea about an app that caters multiple needs of users, and Just.me goes beyond Home in implementing the user-centric concept. In the first round, the application is going to be launched in 155 countries and 32 languages across the world.

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