Jurassic World Is Set To Release In 2015

The latest part of the Jurassic Park brought many a jitters to the audience. There was a huge delay in the making of the movie and Universal Studios announced that it had no plans of a 2014 release. However, to everyone’s delight, the banner has announced a 2015 date. In fact, they have decided on a specific release date. June 12, 2015 is the date, at least in the US. The movie is titled, ‘Welcome then to Jurassic World’.

The directors and the crew members are not giving us any hints regarding the meaning of the trailer. It is anyone’s guess. As of now, the filmmaking group consists of director Colin Trevorrow, producer Frank Marshall, co-writer Derek Connoly and Jurassic Park executive producer/warden Steven Spielberg. The interesting news is that there is wide scope for this movie. “Wider Scope” raises a lot of eyebrows. Would pterodactyls fly in the skies over Europe? On the flipside, it could also mean that the park is just a little bigger this time. To give it an analogy, it would be the same way that the Disney World is bigger than Disneyland. Connoly and Treverrow have been putting their heart and soul into the script. However, more time is needed to develop it before filming takes place. They had come together once before in ‘Rise of The Planet of the Apes’. Jurassic Park is trying to recreate the magic between the two scriptwriters.

No date has been fixed regarding the shooting of the movie yet. But, everyone who is involved in the movie is working in full flow and the 3D effect is likely to mesmerize the viewers. Jurassic World might actually involve the audience interaction. ‘4D effect’, as they call it, is the part where the audience interacts virtually with the movie.

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