Josh Brolin May Gets The Lead Role In ‘Jurassic World’

Josh Brolin surely deserves a lot of credit. His first venture was a huge disaster with ‘Jonah Hex’, he has been brave enough to give it another shot. And last year, he was cast opposite Will Smith in ‘Men in Black 3’. He achieved a lot of success with that character. However, he dealt with another blow when ‘Gangster Squad’-having an ensemble cast fizzed out. Given the sequence of events, it seems like ‘Jurassic World’ would prove to be successful and change his fortunes.

Brolin is considered for the lead role, which means that “Yeah, we like him, but we haven’t made it public yet”. There are hardly any details on the sequel. If everything works out perfectly, he would be joining Bryce Dallas Howard, Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins in the film.

Let us wait and see what is happening to the Colin Trevorrow-directed film. The movie would hit the theaters on the 12th of June, 2015.

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