Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Paul Rudd Might End Up Playing ‘Ant-Man’

Over the years, we heard a lot about Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man. And, we have heard a lot of possible names raised as candidates for the lead role. With the movie gearing up to start filming, the rumours are that Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are the top contenders to play ‘Ant-Man’.

No official announcement has been made yet. Reliable sources have reported that the producers and the casting directors would have to choose between Rudd and Gordon-Levitt. Both the actors are talented and capable of pulling off the role. It would be interesting who they would prefer.

The character needs to shrink to insect size and suddenly grow into a giant. The film is set to hit the theaters in July 2015. It would finally land in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wright wants someone funny and charming and that is apparent from the two actors he has zeroed in on.

The script is co-written by Joe Cornish. It remains to see who ends up playing the ‘Ant-Man’.

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