Joey Baruchel Is The Latest To Join Cameron Crowe’s Next Film

The next film by Cameron Crowe is touted to be a huge blockbuster even before initial stages of its production. The film has a plethora of talented actors. Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Danny McBride, Rachel McAdams and Alec Baldwin are the actors in Crowe’s latest one. All the actors have roles on a wacky comedy, and someone with reasonable onscreen experience is expected to join the cast.

Canadian comedian, Montreal Canadians fan and the Apatow family tree member, Jay Baruchel is a part of the untitled movie. This is a reworking of Crowe’s previous project called “Deep Tiki”. The plot explores a military contractor, who is on a secret military mission assignment in Hawaii and teams up with an Air Force Pilot and kibosh the operation. Cooper’s step-brother would be played by Baruchel. The story line also involves a talking computer and “mystical forces”.

Baruchel is coming fresh from a summer hit, “This is the end”. With the comic ringers already part of the film, this has a huge potential to be run-off success. No release date has been fixed, but it should be sometime next year.

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