Joe Hill Talks About Horns At The TIFF

The movie “Horns” was recently screened at the Torronto International Film Festival. The writer of the book, that this movie is based upon had much to say after the screening. Firstly, she praised the lead Daniel Radcliffe, for his performance as Ig Perrish in the movie.

Also, according to Hill’s blog, the 12th of October, 2013 is not the official release date for the movie, after it has been screened at the International Film Festival, of course. Another very important thing to be noted here is that, there hasn’t been a trailer release either. So, it seems like for those of us who haven’t read the book yet, and actually are interested in getting a full read before the release of the movie, we have quite some time. The movie is yet acquire distribution rights in the US. All that Hill had to say about this is that we’d have to wait “a little longer”.

Fans of Hill’s novel will be pleased to hear that, for the most part, Aja and screenwriter Keith Bunin remain faithful to their source material, though the areas where they tweak are sadly calamitous. The gonzo story’s the same: Ig Perrish (Radcliffe), grieving over the unsolved murder of his lifelong girlfriend, Merrin (Juno Temple, as hauntingly enchanting as ever), is the primary suspect as far as his community’s concerned. Labeled a murderer, and even a “devil” in the local newspaper, Ig’s boozing hard and floating through life in mourning, until, after one very hard night of drinking alongside Merrin’s death site, he wakes up with two horns growing out of his temples.

Here’s what Hill had to say about Radcliffe’s acting in the movie and the portrayal of his character : “Radcliffe gives a wrenching, vulnerable, emotionally naked performance that isn’t like anything he’s ever done on screen before. He is such a wonderful Ig Perrish.”

Daniel Radcliffe has other films lined up at the Film Festival, besides “Horns”. His other works include “Kill Your Darlings” and “The F word”. “Kill Your Darlings” has Radcliffe boldly going man-on-man as a beat poet Aleen Ginsberg. On the other hand, “The F Word” is a romantic comedy that he’s acted in opposite Indie beauty Zoe Kazan.

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