Jennifer Lawrence To Star In East Of Eden Remake

Tom Hooper and Christopher Hampton are planning on shooting a remake of the movie, East of Eden, which is based on the popular novel by John Steinbeck. They have taken over from Peter Attanasion and Ron Howard. None of the movie versions of the novel struck big in the box office. Now, Universal is looking at the ever-popular Jennifer Lawrence for their movie, which will be directed by Gary Ross.

The plot of the film is set around the time of World War I. Two brothers compete for attention from their father. The boys won’t be infants in the big screen adaptation. Jennifer Lawrence is expected to play Cathy Ames. The previous adaptation concentrated on the second generation. This version seems to focus more on the life of Cathy.

Brian Gazer obtained the rights to the Steinbeck’s novel. It was filmed in 1955 by Elia Kazan. The movie starred Richard Davalos and James Dean. All of them are now involved in the latest version of the script. They will either try polishing the script or would help with the finer details in the movie.

Imagine producer Brian Grazer has locked down the rights to Steinbeck’s novel and all involved are now figuring out how this is going to work. Ross may just get behind the keyboard to polish the script, or he may, given his busy schedule, work with another writer.

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