Jeff Fisher Unhappy With Bernie And Korsars Insights On Players

Lot of chaos was created in Rams and Brown in match recently thanks to some comic analysis by Bernie and Korsars made for coaches and players. Rams coach Jeff Fisher can’t be blamed for being upset with former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar. All this became clear after some humourous remarks made from the Shoutbox in stadium, when Rams receiver Nick Johnson dropped a pass from Sam Bradford: going like this – Not a bad throw actually. St. Louis receivers are horrible. Scored a drop there.

Jim Donovan also told a story about Rams backup quarterback Kellen Clemens giving Pope Benedict XVI an autograph: by saying – Bless me father for I sins that I did. I’ll have to watch him during the whole fourth quarter.

This doesn’t stop here with coach Ray Sherman: I’m checking through the itinerary here of guys and coaches to see who the receivers coach is to make sure I don’t know who this guy is because he’s not doing very good either.

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