Javier Hernandez Wants More Playing Time At Manchester United

Javier Hernandez, Manchester United’s striker said that he might consider his future in another club soon, unless he gets more playing time at Old Trafford.

He has started in only one Premier League game this season, and that was the home defeat against West Bromwich Albion last month. He found it difficult to make the most of his opportunity at The Hawthorns.

His lack of game time is forcing him to reconsider his future at the club. He expressed frustration in an interview with a Mexican TV station. “I am looking forward to start more games. I want to earn my place in the team. I am sure that I would excel in my job if I have given more chances. All of us want to contribute to the team as much as possible and I am no different. “, he said.

Hernandez hopes that he would stay at United for the four years of his contract at least. He spoke about the passions which drive him to succeed when he almost lost faith in his own abilities.

“There was a time when I went through a rough time at Chivas. I completely lost faith in myself and began to wonder whether this was the path which God set out for me. I had always dreamed of being a football player at the highest level ever since I was young. Football has always been in my blood and I loved the sport. That time was highly complicated and by god’s grace, everything turned out well. I was lucky that my family had supported me throughout the tough times. I decided to believe in myself again and that is what has helped me till now”, Hernandez said.

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