Jason Gilmore Debuts As Writer/Director In All The Children Are Insane

All The Children Are Insane by renowned writer/director Jason Gilmore is a Juntobox Films finalist. The initiative is co-founded by Forest Whitaker. It gives independent filmmakers a chance to offer their films for to industry professionals for producing, distributing or financing. Dorian Missick was part of the project last year and he is continuing the association with it. Treme actress, Edwina Findley would also be a part of the project. The film will be produced by William Clevinger, Gilmore and R. Andru (of Submerged fame)

The plot of All The Children Are Insane goes like this:

Isaiah Burdon, a millionaire is suffering from cancer in Pittsburgh. Genevieve, his daughter is an intelligent nurse who keeps a watch over his health. She asks his son, Edward to come home and say his last goodbyes. He is an investment trader in the New York City.

Edwards brings with him , his girlfriend, Ashlee with whom he partnered to loot his siblings out of any share of properties and inheritance. Joshua, the youngest brother is looking to detox in his home in childhood. The story has a surprising tremendous climax after a series of premonitions, secrets, betrayal and arguments.

Findley was last seen in Insidious: Chapter 2 as well as in Middle of Nowhere by Ava DuVernay. She would be playing the sister, who adds fuel to the already volatile weekend. Jaimyon Packer and Elizabeth Knowelden would be completing the main cast.

The film is Gilmore’s debut as a writer/director. The film carries reasonable expectation along with it and is likely to fulfill it, if everything goes as per plan.

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