Jack Wilshere Is Not In Favour Of Adnan Januzaj Representing England

Jack Wilshere is against the idea of Adnan Januzaj being brought into the England squad by the Football Association.

He would be eligible for England through residency. He has not opted to commit to any alternative as of now. The 18-year-old joined Manchester United in 2011 and would qualify to play for the England team if he remained in the country until February 2018.

However, it is unlikely that Januzaj would choose that path. He was born in Belgium and is also eligible to play for Serbia, Albania and Turkey. Kosovo has not been sanctioned as a FIFA country. If that is done, he would be eligible to play for that country as well.

Arsenal midfielder, Wilshere is not very happy with the mere chance that he might play for England. He said, “Only English people should play for England. We should stick to our roots. We are English. We are tough on the pitch and it is difficult to beat us.”

After Fabio Capello departed ahead of Euro 2012, the FA apparently ignored an approach from Fabio Capello. They were insisting on an English replacement. Januzaj never wanted to represent England. It seems a straightforward choice to choose Belgium over England. They have a lot of good players and are set to book a World Cup berth in the coming days.

Raheem Sterling and Wilfred Zaha have represented the under-21 squad of the England team, despite being from a different country. So, one cannot completely rule out the possibility of Januzaj joining the English squad. “It is difficult. Januzaj hasn’t played for any country yet. There have been incredible stories of many footballers who were not born in England, and yet making the country proud. The world is changing. It is a personal decision. In fact, it is an interesting, philosophical debate”, the England under-21 coach said.

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