Jack Tretton Says That Its All About Indies

It is believed by SCE America boss Jack Tretton that the superstar creators of the game industry are inspired by the indie scene. Tretton told CNN Money that indie scene is responsible for saving the games industry. He said, “Looking back, the fear was always that you’d have a few giant publishers making middle of the road games. But the opposite has happened. Thanks to independent developers and smaller studios, you have the Steven Spielbergs of our industry coming out of one- and two-man teams, out of university development projects, where somebody just has a really creative mind and they come out with a game that maybe doesn’t have $100 million, 300-person team polish but is absolute genius.”

It is easy to understand what Tretton meant. The – games like Minecraft, Braid and Fez have made Markus “Notch” Persson, Jonathan Blow and Phil Fish well-recognised names, an honour usually reserved for people like Cliff Bleszinski and Ken Levine, who arguably have less creative control over and responsibility for the final product

He said that game makers like indie have offered games which are traditional, publisher-owned development, has bought good for all. He also commented, “That bodes extremely well. You’ve got creativity flourishing. It’s great for the medium and validates that this is mainstream entertainment. It guarantees there’s going to be something for everyone.”

During the interview, Tretton stated that Play Station 4 was huge success because of the work done by Sony.

It has been reported that Sony’s hardware and Fire proof games will have indie-friendly trend in them.

via VG247

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