Jack O’Connell To Star In Section 6

Jack O’Connell has been proving to be talented actor and has given brilliant performances on his appearance in Starred Up and stunning the audience even more in Berlin Film Festival war drama “71”. When asked about his success in during the festival the actor revealed that sudden attention upon him as resulted in straight and focused career action.
“Since I started acting I’ve always been aware of the sort of ‘beastly entity’ that is America and Hollywood, and semi-consciously I devised a kind of route in—I’d seen a lot of people try and fail, And so I realized that if I work hard enough at what I do [in the U.K.], then eventually they’ll have to listen. It’s a very sought-after part of the industry, and for the right reasons and I’d like to involve myself. But I think a lot of people make the mistake of devoting themselves wholly to that, to trying to sell themselves over there. That was never my intention. So thankfully I’ve been able to keep my priorities straight and do work for the right reasons.” 

So basically, from his statements it can be predicted that his whole plan was to just do a good job and the rest will follow itself. With all this aside it is been announced that Universal is interested in casting him in “Section 6.” It is also been said that Universal is already planning for a franchise on this one.
There has been no clue about the casting of the directors, but has the project has already gained such a response and attention it may be looking for Brett Ratner and Justin Lin, as their suitable pick.

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