IQ Engines Bagged By Yahoo

IQ Engines to shut down so as to work for Yahoo to boost its Flickr service. IQ Engines will now be an integral part of Yahoo as its Image recognition service is going to be added to Flickr. As per the deal signed, the service will be closing down in next 30 days, so that it can used at earliest to boost the efforts of its Flickr team.

TechCrunch the company will specialize in tagging the photos and organizing them. Something that would be extremely useful to Flickr is an image recognition platform that will help tell the user what’s a person, scene, landmark, object, and text in any photo, which will be seen running on both mobile as well as Web applications. So the company has introduced Glow which is an Image Recognising platform.

After Tumblr, Qwiki, Rockmelt, GoPollGo, Bignoggins, Summly and Astrid this acquisition is just a latest addition to Yahoo’s thread of companies it has rapidly been adding to its group.

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