An Interesting Startup Provides Legal Services To Individuals

A company named UpCounsel, which help individuals and businesses to connect with the lawyer best suited to them. It was founded in 2012, which made anyone to find professional legal service easily.

The customer only needs to post a job for free, get some quotes, and hire someone. The company on the other hand does some paperwork and remains behind the scene.

In the article by Noam Scheiber for The New Republic, we got to know about some stats-
“Five years ago, during a recession, American law schools produced 43,600 graduates and 75 percent had positions as lawyers within nine months. Last year, the numbers were 46,500 and 64 percent. In addition to the emotional toll unemployment exacts, it is often financially ruinous. The average law student graduates $100,000 in debt.”

UpCounsel provides talented lawyers, at the times when top lawyers squeezed out of the traditional big law firms- where the average lawyer have a minimum of 11 years experience- quiet a new and good income making work around. According to the company, they make most of their money from companies with their first or second rounds of venture funding, in short from the companies with small group of team.

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