Intel’s Mind-Bogglingly Broadwell Chips Yet To Come

Intel is currently the best chip producing company in the world, and Broadwell is the smallest architectured chip on which company is working. All eyes are on this next-generation chip because its transistor is uniquely only 14 nano-meters(nm) thick, about double of human blood cells.

CEO Brian Krzanich, announced on Wednesday that the Broadwell chip will be delayed three months behind schedule because of some technical challenges. All we can see in the market is PCs with all new Haswell chip, with Intel’s low-power, long-battery life.

This shrinking world of transistors are making chips powerful, as reducing the size will reduce the power or battery usage. Intel is investing billions on these transistor experiments, and promises to shrink it even more, probably upto 7 nm, these all with the help of quantum mechanics and nanotechnology.

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