Intel Rocked The Gaming Stage With Iris Pro

Intel to debut with Iris Pro integrated graphics processing in gaming tournament. It was a real view when Intel dominated a full corner of the Comic Con floor at Javits Center. Company demonstrated dozens of systems with large displays, from high-end gaming desktops to the Oculus Rift.

This Sunday, two top gamers squared off for an exhibition match of Starcraft II, all without any discrete graphics processing.

Intel’s fourth-generation Haswell processors, has changed the gaming world. Companies like Nvidia and AMD are the king in the field of gaming-grade solutions, as Intel showed its interest in basic integrated graphics solutions on its Core processors. But now the new processors have enough capacity in providing graphics oomph for basic gaming, with Intel HD Graphics 4000 and up posing a giant leap forward in Intel’s graphics solution.

Mark Chang, Company representative talked briefly about Iris Pro graphics. He told that the new Iris Pro Graphics let you watch, game, and create. “You can even watch 4K video using Iris,” he said.

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