An Instagram Pic All The Way From Space

NASA astronaut Steven Swanson has kind of made history. Please don’t think that it’s something related to astronomy or space. No, but the historic moment is that he has posted the first ever Instagram sent all the way from space earlier this week. Swanson posted a selfie from the International Space Station (ISS), a few days ago.

He is the member of ISS Expedition 39 from steamboat Springs, Colo. It is the NASA astronaut’s third trip to space and sitting there he captured a selfie and captioned this Instagram, “Back on ISS, life is good.”

Though, one thing is quite surprising as in today’s ultra-modern world, it has really taken quite a long time for an Instagram to be published away from the Earth. Although several photos have been taken in space by astronauts and satellites, but these have been shared usually by the Space stations only.

NASA had opened an Instagram account all the way back in November 2013, but apparently no one had thought of clicking a selfie or any other form of picture while up on the ISS and then posting it.

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