Independent Games Festival Attracts Record Submissions

The Independent Games Festival has attracted over 1,000 submissions to take part in the competition next year, with over three hundred of those including student applications. According to a brief announcement by organisers, this is a brand new record for the long running independent games festival that happens during the game Developers Conference every year. Entries in the Student Competition are available to look at, on the IGF website, and include Kickstarter-funded rouge like VR exploration game Anamnesis, Risk of Rain and “Wild West action adventure” Westerado. All 347 student entries are going to be judged in January 2014, with a shortlist heading to the IGF ceremony at GDC in March 2014. At the 2013 IGF awards earlier this year, Richard Hofmeier’s Cart Life had won the Seamus McNally grand prize and the winning student game was third-person skating game Zineth.

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