Implementation By The Patent Of Xbox One – “Watch TV Programs In The New System”

“Achievement to watch TV programs with the help of a new system”, this was implemented by the patent of Xbox One. It was filed by Microsoft. It is an opportunity for TV viewers to handle achievements as per the patent application by GI International. It was done in order to make them feel as if they are not passive viewers and are participating in something. It is a passive experience for the viewers to view the television trends. The greatest thing about this whole matter is that users do not have experience to engage or interact about the current context.

It has been stated by the application that it may be required to tie up the items of the video content. It is done in order to increase the interactions with the views and to encourage the views to watch one or more than one items of the content of the video. Even the awards and achievements can be tied to it. An interesting example was to watch the Super Bowl which was done in order to consider the deal of the firm with NFL. A second example of this s considerable deal was to watch the entire season of the shows that are being shown on TV.

There is also a scope of the viewers to encourage the viewership of the content it will be done by tying the achievements and awards to the items of the video and of an advertising content. This will be done by increasing the opportunities of the advertisements. It was expected to receive more achievements if Kinect is implementing along with it. Kinect will be handled out when the users are to perform certain actions while watching a specific show.

There are varying rewards that are expected from this. It can be physical rewards or that of Game Points. There are other patents of Kinect that was told to you last night and was also updated this morning. You will be able to see Kinects to view as a watchdog and this will be achieved by monitoring numerous viewers in a single room.

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