Imminent Event Of Next-Gen Xbox Reveals The Show Off For Next-Gen FIFA And Next Gen Call Of Duty

The next Xbox generation, which is expected to take place tonight, will be showing you next-gen FIFA and next gen Call of Duty. However it is said that the announcements related to the big game will be left for the E3 conference by Microsoft. Audience is expected to find out a something new about Battlefield 4 in the new gen Xbox reveal. It has been shown in the official page of Facebook that is dedicated to videogame series of FIFA. It posted a picture which confirmed that the new game of sports will be showed to the next generation.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 8.25.11 PM

This was said when Microsoft was confirmed to reveal the next home console. It will all be covered live by VG247. It is done so as to be sure to bookmark the thread. Microsoft was expected to unveil its Xbox console in the following week but is said to save its announcement at the time of E3. The console reveal will serve as a laying foundation so speak exclusively about the event.

If you move back to the relevant ramous in February, you must be remembering that EA and Microsoft were working on a deal which said that both will be producing an exclusive game for a new platform. The games will be exclusive of a timed-exclusive or exclusive DLC for multipurpose games. It can be guessed that Microsoft will land up with Battlefield 4 DLC for its temporary exclusive windows. It was as much as PlayStation 3 had with then content of Battlefield 3 things are not sure as yet and the proximity of tweet to its Xbox event can also be a coincidence.

The deal between EA and Microsoft was expected to be on 26th April. It was also expected that the deal will give Xbox/720 first dibs on all EA tittle. This will of course be for a while. However it was told by CVG’s sources that the terms of the deal are not concrete in nature. Things were different for EA who had an approach of launching the games in all forms that will lead to a time exclusive game rather than only Xbox 720 titles.

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