IFTTT’s New iPhone App Ventures Into Contacts And Reminders

IFTTT, today, launched its first-ever mobile app headed for iOS, called IFTTT for iPhone; the ability to tap into a device’s native Photos, Contacts and Reminders. This new iPhone App can be used to create Recipes that take advantage of the phone’s capabilities.

The name IFTTT stands for If This Then That, which simply means that users can create automation Recipes that combine a Trigger that results into an Action. Services like Instagram are referred to as Channels and there are various Triggers and Actions associated with each. The only way to access IFTTT, till now, has been via the browser and Channels are limited to mostly web services. But, IFTTT has now broken all this with the launch of the new iPhone App.

Some of the distinguishable features of the app include : A rich activity feed that’s updated every time a Recipe is used. Also, the Recipe recommendation based on the services the user already uses is frequently updated. Apart from the feed, there’s also a daily featured Recipe list curated by the IFTTT team, which is exclusive to the mobile experience.

Tibbetts told the media, “I think of the app as IFTTT version 2.0: Mobile is obviously the way to go. There’s that value you can get from your phone — it’s always on your person, it’s always connected. I am especially excited about iOS7, as it promises to let apps do more in the background but without the downside of draining the battery. The three iOS Channels in this release are just the beginning and we hope to integrate more native phone Channels in the future. As for other platforms like Android or Windows Phone, we definitely want to see a native IFTTT app in all devices eventually. But right now, we are focusing on iOS for the time being.

The only downside of this app seems to be the low discoverability factor. The app, however, can excite the users into trying out new ones. Also, creating a Recipe is very intuitive, and is a matter of just selecting the Channel, Trigger and Action. The Recipe discovery tool is very likeable and looks quite promising for a 1.0 product.

iPhone users can download the app right now and inundate themselves with this new technology.

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