ICANN Rules Out Google’s Request For Dotless Domains

ICANN regulator disapproves Google’s demand to implement dotless domain names. It was announced by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that to uphold their policy against implementing dotless domain names, to bring an end to Google’s request to introduce and own http://search, http://app, http://cloud, and http://blog.

Google had plans to allow each doltess domain to redirect to user designated sites through a “new-technical standard” on which the company had spent months to develop. Google had made a proposal to ICANN to redirect the user to a search engine of user’s choice whether it is Google, Bing, or Yahoo when he/she types http://search in the address bar.

It was revealed from the resolution that was passed in the last week that ICANN was rejecting the dotless domains because it had found out that, after commissioning studies on the subject; these domains may prove to be a threat to security and stability. However no response was received from the company’s end on ICANN’s decision.

ICANN claimed that nearly 2000 new domain names could be on their way, however; it has introduced new domains relatively slowly. Meanwhile, domain names like .search, .app, .cloud, and .map have been pushed by Google, similar to Amazon who has pushed for domain names like .book and .amazon.

Some of these domain names are already garnering opposition of their own, however; there has been no response from ICANN on these top-level domain names either about denial or approval.

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