“I Have No Idea Who I Played,” Says Grand Theft Auto V Voice Actress

It’s true that Rockstar Games is scarily but understandably tight-lipped regarding the details of their upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), and we have yet another example to show it.

Shari Albert, recently discovered to be a voice actress for Grand Theft Auto V, posted something very interesting on Twitter saying, “Booked a video game that won’t tell me what it is until the recording Monday- it’s like they’re the top secret police!” Quite naturally, people were very curious to know about who she played, till she actually responded with, “People are freakin’ about this video game I voiced. People: I have no idea who I played. I just read what they put in front of me. #paycheck.”


Grand Theft Auto V is currently set to release on September 17th.

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