Huntelaar Would Be Out For The Year Due To An Injury

“Klass-Jan-Huntelaar wouldn’t be playing this year-irrespective of his decision to undergo a knee surgery”, said Jens Keller, Schalke boss.

The striker has been having constant problems with his right knee for the past few weeks, but hoped to get back to full fitness for the Champions league fixture against Chelsea.

Unfortunately, the Netherland international limped out of training on Monday and the after closer examination, the club felt that he would be needing surgery. However, Keller confirmed that Huntelaar would be unavailable for selection for the rest of the year.

“It really doesn’t matter what is Klaas’ decision. He can’t play until Christmas. He might even recover without undergoing a surgery. We don’t want to rush him back into the team. Usually, such injuries would heal in eight weeks. He took part in everything and this was an accident. He collided with another player badly”, Keller said.

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