HTC Tends To Create Emerging Devices Unit To Focus On Innovation And Global Sales

After months of hard work and struggle, HTC is working rebooting its strategy by establishing a new unit to develop innovative products and putting its global sales president back in charge of U.S. operations.In a personal email obtained by WSJ, HTC’s CEO Peter Chou announced that President of Global Sales Jason McKenzie is now in charge of HTC America and will also support Chou with global corporate strategy. As we are aware that McKenzie already has experience leading the company’s U.S. strategy and hence will prove beneficial for the company.

In the email Chou also wrote that HTC’s President of North America Mike Woodward will create Emerging Devices, a newly established business unit that will focus on innovative new HTC products and global distribution strategies.

Also Its executive comes after HTC suffered a brain drain when some of its top officials, including HTC Asia CEO Lennard Hoornik, Senior Vice President of Global Market Greg Fisher, Chief Product Officer Kouji Kodera and Global Communications VP Jason Gordan left them on the midway.

The launch of HTC’s Emerging Devices unit comes as the struggling Taiwan-based smartphone maker continues to engage in a great makeover of its global strategy and make a little shift from the U.S, previously its biggest market, to focus on Europe and Asia instead.

As we all know HTC has struggled with big rivals like Samsung grab which was a biggie of the Android market also supply chain issues created problems in the sales potential of the HTC One and its other flagship product, the Facebook Home pre-loaded HTC First, suffered from a lackluster reception.

It may be surprising but HTC’s Q2 profits were down 82% year-over-year and its shares are currently trading at their lowest price in five years. But Chou tried to reassure employees in his email that HTC’s brand recognition still has a long way to go.

Giving more information on the segment, Chou said that Among the youth segment, brand awareness is 87%, with 67% of this segment considering HTC a brand ‘on the up.

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