HP’s Rivals New Tactics – Attempt To Block A $3.5 Billion Navy Contract

Computer Sciences Corp. and Harris Corp , competitors of HP have filed a protest with U.S. Government Accountability Office, reports Bloomberg’s Kathleen Miller showing their unhappiness.

The Navy has been using HP to run its networks for years and have eventually renewed their contract with HP and an amount as big as A $3.5 Billion being involved is no less to keep the peaceful easy feeling going on for the competitors.

Business is like a game played by great players. And using different tactics and tricks to be on top seems the foremost priority. A perfect example of it can be provided by IBM who protested the CIA’s contract to hire Amazon to build a “private cloud” data center for up to $600 million and won.The Government Accountability Office (GAO) investigated and found that Amazon’s bid was a whopping $54 million higher than IBM’s. It asked the CIA to go back through the bidding process again

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