Hit Music Video Maker OK Go –Coming Up With A New Game

The band which gave a hit music video like ‘Here it Goes Again’ and ‘This too Shall Pass’ – OK Go has now launched game for both Android and iOS in the earlier part of this month. The new game is titled as ‘Say the Same Thing’ either with a randomly chosen player or with a friend of yours. Promotions of the game are on and people are randomly selected to play it. If you wish to experience the fun you can sign up now. This is temporary promotion. You might be wondering what this game all about is.

You have to play with words. Every individual player will type a word and you will see what the other player has typed. The word said by the other player will act as a prompt for other words and you will have to type it. You will ultimately win in the game who if the entire player have typed the same word. This is a brief description of the game. The game will help you to know the interest of the other player. Kulash said that it is simply not an app; OK Go has stuck its name upon it. Kulash said that the game ‘Say the same Thing’ was programmed by the guitarist Andy Ross.

The exceptional maker of the game said that if they wish to make videos and shows, than apps is also not something far away. The band is focused and has a motive of making an art for the world. There are available for you on laptops, phones and Skype. OK Go is making an album that is expected to finish this summer or will be out this winter. The music album is special and you will like to listen it on your mobile phone and laptop.

Your mobile phone and laptops can do a lot for you now-a-days which were not expected by the musicians or artists about 30 years ago. It has also been exciting for OK Go to work in such a space and luckily OK Go has programmers to help them in making such tests. These new programming skills have made things simple for them.

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