Heist Documentary ‘SMASH And GRAB’ Is Waiting For Danny Boyle Adaptation

Danny Boyle is getting ready to do a feature film based on the documentary ‘Smash and Grab: THE STORY OF THE PINK PANTHERS’. The doc was released about six months ago but somehow did not hit the box office. It is based on the true story of diamond thieves who were successful in the illegal jewel trade. Boyle was attracted to this doc and followed it with an intention of adapting the same.

‘Trance’, a Danny Boyle film on the lines of theft again, made earlier this year was a total flop. It was incomparable with his other box-office hits like ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and ‘127 Hours’. Nevertheless, Fox Searchlight and Pathe Pictures want to take another chance with Boyle doing this doc adaptation.

The script is not yet ready and you could keep guessing who would pen it. Boyle is anyhow keeping himself busy till then with Channel 4 – Cop season.

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