Hayao Miyazaki Explained The Reason Of His Retirement

Today Hayao Miyazaki in Tokyo answered many people concerned in “why famed animator Hayao Miyazaki is retiring?”, he said.

“I know I’ve mentioned I’m retiring many times in the past, so I know that many of you might think, oh again. This time is for real.”

“There were tons of things (anime) I wasn’t able to do, but there were reasons why we didn’t do them. There were so many ideas that popped in my mind, but it’s not something I should mention publicly.”

The director explained that his eyesight was getting worse due to which creating animation a bit harder and how each year, he is leaving his desk earlier and earlier.

A reported listened that he is talking about the retirement from making feature films, “As long as I can drive,” Miyazaki replied, “I will be going to the studio every day. But if there’s thing I want to do, then I will.”

Miyazaki doesn’t want to make fake promises as when someone asked about the composition of Nausica√§ of the Valley of the Wind sequel, he said no. The famed animator said there were things he wanted to do, but said he wasn’t willing to state them publicly if he isn’t able to do them.

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