Harmonix Manages A Successful Kickstarter Campaign For Amplitude

Well, many of you might just have gone through the headline more than once. Yes, obviously it’s a bit of a surprise to those who had been regularly following Amplitude PS4 & PS3’s Kickstarter campaign.  The game’s PS3 & PS4 version developer Harmonix has been successful in managing the funding goal for the game in the eleventh hour.  It was completely looking like the game wouldn’t be able to hit its target and probably fail up, but its successful funding comes in as a pleasant surprise.

The game’s $775,000 target was hit with just 21 hours of the funding left. At the time of reporting, the project had made $807,135 with 13 hours still available.

So, Amplitude is all set for a March 2015 arrival on PS3s and PS4s.

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