Halo TV Series May Be Directed by Neill Blomkamp, According to a Rumour

Microsoft hasn’t discovered a whole ton regarding the upcoming Halo TV series, thus it’s natural for the rumour mill to run wild. However this one sounds a bit reasonable and true. After hopes for a Ridley Scott-directed Halo movie were raised and quickly broken by Microsoft, speculation turned back to the planned TV series. The most recent rumours suggest that Neill Blomkamp, director of Elysium and District 9, is on board to direct some part of the series or at least the pilot episode of the series that is being created by Steven Spielberg.

It makes some sense, considering Blomkamp’s history with the franchise: District 9 was born from an attempt to adapt Halo for the big screen, which stalled throughout pre-production. He had also directed a group of three short films to market the release of Halo 3 in 2007.

Though much can’t be said, but let’s hope that at least this news turns out to be true.

Via: VG247

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