Halo 4’s Principal Engine Architect Leaves Microsoft’s 343 Studio

Corrinne Yu, the principal engine creator for Halo 4 studio 343 Industries, has joined or rather united up with Naughty Dog. The news comes via the LinkedIn profile of Corrinne that shows her current employer as Naughty Dog and her position as ‘graphics coder on PS4’. 343 Industries occurs within the Microsoft’s Halo studio, and has handled the IP since series founder Bungie enraptured on to the multi-platform Destiny series. Yu will be moving from one platform exclusive studio to another: Naughty Dog is answerable for the chartless series, which will get a fourth instalment exclusively on PlayStation 4. Uncharted 4 was declared during Spike TV’s PS4 launch event. According to spokespeople from Naughty Dog, the instalment will see “a massive jump” in graphical quality. Microsoft had also recently confirmed that Halo 5 will release for Xbox One in 2014.

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