Half-Life 3 Release Date Article Proven To Be False

Valve has confirmed the article specifying the tentative release date of Half-Life 3 to be bogus.

Recently, an article was released quoting Valve developer, John Guthrie as saying, “I can’t confirm all too much since the development is still in early stages, but for now I can confirm that we are going to release on both current and next generation consoles and we will also release the game on our own platform exclusively for PC and Mac. We hope to have the first trailer ready for E3 2014.

This article was disregarded by most major news sources and hence, Valve quickly confirmed the article as false.

Valve says it has released no details on Half-Life 3, and development is yet to begin. Valve’s Chet Faliszek has told the media, “I just want to say this so there is no confusion – This is the community trolling the community, nothing more. While it is nice to see people excited about anything HL, I hate seeing people be trolled like this.

The fans of Half-life will have to now continue waiting for a legitimate progress on Half-Life 3.

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