Hackers Claim That They Have Hacked Snapchat API

A group of hackers, Gibson Security, whose website has information that just published what it claims is Snapchat’s API and details two exploits that could purportedly allow would-be hackers to access the phone number and username of millions of Snapchat users. If they are very right what they are saying then soon we can see another Snapchat which may be a copycat of it.

The hackers had given a hint to the company back in August, but there was nothing big done by this messaging startup. The company reversed-engineered both iOS and Android APIs to discover the security flaws.

Its not the first time Snapchat is suffering from the flaws, earlier the snap just got exposed which cleared that the pics does not get deleted but it just get hidden. Maybe it’s difficult to access but anyways it’s stored in the device’s memory.

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